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Yomim Noraim Appeal 5783

Dear Members and Mispallalim,
Boruch Hashem, 5783 is off to a great start. Thank you to all those who played such a vital role in ensuring an uplifting and inspirational Rosh Hashanah. 

In continuing the call for Teshuva, Tefillah and Tzedakah, we are embarking on our annual Yomim Noraim Appeal. Our shul continues to grow in ruchniyus and gashmiyos with daily minyanim and shiurim, but that comes at a true financial cost and the shul can really use some much needed operating funds. 

Contributions can be made by clicking the link below.
Thank you in advance to all those who participate. Additionally, there will be a beautiful sign displayed through the yomim tovim in recognition of all those who contribute. 

Gmar Chassima Tova
Wed, March 29 2023 7 Nisan 5783