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As we heard so passionately from our Rav Shlita, the Shul is excited to be part of the Adopt-a-Kollel program. Adopt-a-Kollel was started for one reason. To ensure Kollel yungeleit ability to learn full time and still be able to support their families. This program is a Yissochar-Zevulun partnership at its purest form. It is the highest form of Tzedakah.

The Adopt-a-Kollel approach gives every individual the opportunity to have a part in supporting Torah in Eretz Yisroel. It ensures that the Kollel check remains a steady part of the family's income and gives menuchas hanefesh to the Roshei Kollel in light of their overwhelming fundraising responsibilities.

The Kollelim that we have partnered with, Kollel Shashuei Torah in Kiryat Sefer, founded and led by Rav Shmuel Friedman shlita, and Kollel Torah Ore in Kiryat Mattersdorf founded under the leadership of HaRav Chaim Pinchus Scheinberg zt”l. Both are extremely choshuve Kollelim in Eretz Yisrael. 100% of donations will go directly to the yungeleit as the organization's overhead is privately funded. 

While one-time donations are appreciated, the idea of the program is to sign up for a monthly credit card charge in order to sustain the kollelim long term (set it and forget it). If personal circumstances change, at any point, you can reach out to one of the board members to have the monthly charges stopped. 

With your participation, we can keep the Kollelim on a firm footing and give much needed chizuk to אחינו בארץ ישראל.

תזכו למצוות , יה"ר שנזכה כולנו יחד לרומם קרן התורה ולהגדיל תורה ולהאדירה

For any questions, please reach out to:  
Asi Klein, Eli Korn or Shui Mintz
Tue, July 16 2024 10 Tammuz 5784